Ironically, wearing no bra at school

Quite a topic, don´t you agree? Yes, I do not wear a brassier at school, not anywhere. It’s uncomfotable, unhealthy, untimesaving, okey I made my point: wearing bra brings lots of ‘un’ at first. Plus it makes your breasts saggy, shhh, stop it! I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. Yeah sure, it makes your breast look awesome, but aren’t you’re breast awesome anyway? Mine at least are (arrogant sneer), they aren’t very small, people do notice them, so they do notice that I don’t wear bra or at least I think so, I have catch more than once some creep staring at them, albeit as fast as I stared back they retracted themselfs, lame. Me wearing bra = breasts of a porn actress, no joke. At least when they have pushup, it’s not pretty, unleas you like to embrace two bloody mountains. When I was younger I really liked pushups, because I would really want those large porn-like breasts, Why would a eleven-year old want that kind of breasts? Ask the TV and their stupid publicity. I really wanted those breast, I wanted them so much that I even make myself massages to help them grow, I apply ‘homemade recipes’ to make them grow, I even apply every morning ice cubes to them, what the bloody fuck man? But with time comes bigger breasts, or at least that was my case. My boobs grew with blood and sweat (Okay no, but it did hurt) until their actual size. For the two years prior I was a freeshman in highschool (I think that would be the traduction from the country where I study) I wore this really pushups bras and it hurt but it didn’t matter because I was being sexy and men would stop and look at my boobs and that would be awesome, because that meant that I was beatiful at the eyes of soceity and stuff like that. I considered for a really long time not wearing bras, but maybe a comment that made my mum or a thing that I didn’t like about my body, would take me aback. But not so long ago I thought: “Maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t matter if I wear bras, after all I’m not waiting four years until I go to college for stop wearing brassiers”, so I ask my mum if she had room in her gigant closet to put away my bras and she just did it. After that I didn’t felt the ‘crave’ to put a bra after steping out of the shower. The first half an hour of being in my uniform without a bra was akward, but then I just forgot that I wasn’t wearing nothing, I just remembered when I sat at the bus and my boobs start wiggling like mad. It isn’t a really fun tale, but it sure has something to think of. Is really worth it to be uncomfortable and maybe even in pain just for a little staring, for society approval? I don’t think so, but hey, everyone have diferent oppinions. Just remember, you are beautiful even with a little wiggle.

Always your, H

Masturbation, breaking the tabu?

Not long ago, actually yesterday, I was in the first period of class, chemistry. For god christ, I hate chemistry, and not because of the contents itself, no, because of the teacher. I swear for my holy mum, that chick hates me. And she do hate me. But that’s theme for another post, now I want to talk about two irritating guys that sat behind me. I am a comfy person, I like being comfy, so I sat with my back support by the wall, it’s the most comfortable position to be for three, god damn, full hours albeit at the same time it’s a pretty open position. I am “open” to a conversation. So this two guys, let’s call them P and C, start talking to me while the teacher is explaining something of the past class to the donkey of the class (come on, let’s be truthful, we all have that fellow that doesn’t understand nothing even if you draw it for him), so, as bored as I was at that moment, I start talking to them ’cause my deskmate and bf wouldn´t talk to me because her drawing was more important. Ouch, I know. I start talking to them. Well, the thing is, I swear I don´t remember why, but they started talking about masturbation. Hell yeah. And I was like bloody laughing until my chin hurt, it was just hilarious, until they ask me if I masturbated; the problem was that I have just masturbated the day before and I was tired, I don´t know you guys but when I’m tired I’m extremely honest as the day is long, therefore I thought: “Why not?, let’s break the tabu that girls don´t masturbate”, holy mother of, my bigest fucked up ever. After that I totally chill told them that, yeah, I did and do masturbate, just like them, but well it wasn’t as good of an idea as it sounded in my mind. They molested me the whole day afterwards, it wasn’t as bad as you would thought, but still I know that more than enough people know, for sure now, that I masturbate. More akward impossible. I’m the president of the class, so at least twice a week I have to stand in front of everyone trying to make them paid a little bit of attention, if before was difficult now I’m sure it will be hell. I regreted? Yes and no, I regret telling them, Regret breaking the tabu? hell no, I try to be as frank as I possibly can, consequently I don’t regreted that much. It’s actually a funny thing to tell, then I will try to see the bright side of this whole matter.

Always yours, H

Welcome, my dear friend

My name is not really important, but you can call me H, cool right? I know. Okey, first I will tell you something, maybe nor as important as it is my name but I think I must warn you. I am a hormonal foreign teenager, hell yeah, I am a very hormonal foreign teenager. Born and raised in LatinAmerica and Europe I speak fluently Spanish and German, but my English isn´t as good as the two last ones so I may have ‘horrors’ in grammar, as we say in Spanish. Well, I also may inform you that the contents of this blog are and will be extremely sexy and sensual, okay no, but you wished, I know you did. No, the contents of this blog will be, as the title must have already warned you, the thoughts of a teenager. Maybe a short story here and there, idk. Also, I may or may not write somewhere some awful as heck poems with very bad grammar, but that, my dear friend, you will not know. Now that you know something more about me, shall we start? I thought so. But first, let’s be polite.

Welcome, my dear, to neverland